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How to Play our Optimal Lineups

     The biggest question we get every day, whether you are Silver, Gold or Diamond customer is “how do we play the lineups exactly.”  This section is just a brief summary on probably the most IMPORTANT thing you need to know.  Playing our optimal lineup is one thing but playing it in the most efficient possible manner will effectively separate you from the rest of the DFS pack.  I will go into a more thorough section on bankroll management in a future article but I will briefly touch on it in this section as well. 


     First off, you have to know the importance behind ‘number of games’ being played on a particular slate.  It doesn’t matter the sport you are a customer with us, whether it is NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL or Golf you have to recognize when is appropriate to play our optimal lineup with 100% confidence and when to dial it back.   What does that mean exactly?  We recommend the following:

  • A super short slate of game = 4 games or less. We HIGHLY advise to not play many cash games at all during the slates.  This includes 50/50’s, double up’s, heads up.  So even though we send our an ‘optimal lineup’ just understand that many other DFS players will be playing a very similar lineup, simply because there are not many players to choose from.  If you are a degenerate like most DFS players and you need ‘action’ we recommend throwing our GPP lineups in a couple of small buy-in tournaments, but nothing crazy.  Just take the day off….it’s quite ok!
  • A relatively short slate = 5 games or less. Similar to above.  Avoid most ‘cash’ games and focus more on GPP’s.  5 games give us a little more leverage but again it’s not the best slate since ownership will be relatively high on most players.  Stick to tossing a couple lineups in low buy-in GPP’s and save your bankroll for a better slate. 
  • The ‘money’ slates = 6 games and above. This is our wheelhouse where we can safely forecast more of our ownership percentage on players and more players in the player pool give us, the pros, and edge in making our optimal lineup for you, the customer.  We strongly advise that we historically have much higher ROI on these slates so feel free to rev up your bankroll with the “Optimal / Cash lineup” that we send out daily!  Remember I will have a bankroll article out soon and go into more depth on this. 


     So, on the slates of 6 games or more, you are wondering where exactly to play this Optimal / Cash lineup correct?  Valid question and we get it all the time.  Historically from an ROI perspective and for your bankroll here is where you should be playing this particular lineup.

     See where the arrows are pointing on the Fanduel main page?  You need to be playing 65-80% of your ‘daily’ betting in one of these avenues or a combo of both.  We suggest the following under the 50/50 & multipliers:

  • Based off of 2 years of data collecting, historically the best ROI and winning % comes from the highlighted section above, the $2 dollar BIG double up. You should play 65-80% of your daily betting in this tournament.  Remember you can also play heads up as well which as a similar winning percentage but we recommend this. 
  • I say 65-80% of your daily betting because I know if you are specifically reading this article you are looking for consulting advice and help on how to start winning the right way in DFS. For example, if you are wagering $100 dollars a night on lineups in general, based off of our 2 years of collecting data, we recommend you put $75 of our OPTIMAL lineup in this $2 dollar double up.  You can spend the other $25 dollars on other GPP’s / tournaments (which aren’t sexy but this is how you win long term, period). 


     In conclusion, stick to our rules, principals, and advice.  Continue to grind month after month and stick with us for the whole year as we promise if you stick to playing the optimal lineup for whatever DFS sport you're playing, you will start to see an increase in your bankroll over time.  Don’t get greedy and try to win tournaments only as that is a losing game period.  We will win big tournaments at times, but we will win consistently by playing the optimal / cash lineup.  You need to follow our instructions properly to succeed and become a better DFS player!!

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