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Julius Randle (5,100 FD): His cost treats him as a sleeper, but with the explosive 54 fantasy point game he had on Sunday it will cause him to be on everyone's radar. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a 50% ownership, so it’s hard to fade a player that is going to be high owned and projected to do well. Denver is hurting badly in the front court, and it doesn’t help they are terrible already in the front court. The hopes is he doesn’t drop the ball and not reach his value. If you choose to fade him just be prepared to pay the price if he goes off. He can single handedly control the cash line tonight.


Paul George (8,300 FD): He is slowly starting to look like the player everyone saw 2 years ago when they said he could be MVP. The offense flows through him with 26% usage and having 35+ minute games. His match-up tonight will either be Morris or Illyasova, which they will have no chance in stopping him. Small forward is very weak tonight, with PG-13 being the highest priced player. So his ownership will be near 20%+, but there aren’t many options below him besides Mirotic. I find it hard to fade him tonight, and hopefully it doesn’t bite me.


Anthony Davis (10,700 FD): Alright AD has just non stop sucked every game unless it's in garbage time. Tonight I feel we finally see 30pts, 16rebs, 4 block Anthony Davis. I mean he did put up 51 points last game, but that's not the Anthony Davis we all know. He should have no issue controlling this game with his size. His ownership might be lower than normal due to his bad play lately, so having him tonight I think is going to be key when it comes to cashing.



Reggie Jackson (8,200 FD): His cost currently does not match how he plays. He is the most expensive PG on the slate tonight and there are many players below him that could get just as many points if not more. This doesn’t mean he won’t get 40 fantasy points, but PG tonight is very stacked as far as players who can do the same. I would look into players like Lowry, Rose, and Payton before paying up for Reggie tonight. Maybe once the prices change he will be play, but till then I say he is a big avoid.


Wesley Matthews (5,800 FD): I made a mistake last week in rostering him. I forget this guy is coming back from a season ending injury last year and would get rest some nights. But now with Dallas coming out and saying he is on minute restrictions for now just turns me off him till then. Even after he is playing fully I would still wait to roster till he gets in the grove of the new offense he is on. He is a great player, but for now he is not the play and won’t be for another couple weeks.


Chandler Parsons (6,700 FD): Yes I am saying avoid 2 players on the Mavs, but this is because they are both on restrictions. You would think okay doesn’t this mean another player on that team would be worth rostering? No because the Mavs play a 11 man rotation and their usage is very spread. I mean when the 2 guys become healthy and the position match-up is good then yes they become a play, but for now I like to avoid the Mavs unless an injury gives a low cost guy a start.



Kosta Koufos (3,700 FD): Cousins is out for the next two games, so this is going to give Koufos and Stein the ability to show their skills. Stein is 5,200 currently and Koufos is 3,700. Both are going to be good plays, but at Koufos price he is going to be the one has the better chance to hit value. I will be all over him tonight, and hope the ownership is low. Plus this like a revenge game for Koufos, he sat on the Grizzlies bench in hopes to one day to take over the job. Now he is getting a start against the team that didn’t give him a chance.


Emmanuel Mudiay (5,400 FD): Now Mudiay is on the list again due to his cost and the amount of good to decent PGs tonight will maybe cause him to be overlooked. He is going to be squaring off against one of the worst backcourt defenses in the league, and I expect him to be the offense tonight as his usage is 30% currently. His cost is going to be going up soon, so play him now when he is low.

Evan Fournier (4,500 FD): His cost currently is great for how he is used. His downfall is he is just a shooter and if he doesn’t start off hitting buckets right away then he will lose minutes to the bench. But if he is hot he will hit value with no issue. I would keep an eye out for the LUs to come out, as ORL might decide to move Harris to SF and place a taller player on Davis tonight to add height to the team. I like him due to his ability to go off and his cost gives me the chance to roster the high costing players.

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