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NBA Player Breakdown 1/13/2016

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Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson (SG) - Draymond Green is most likely resting this game meaning that it's the splash brothers time. The only downfall of this game could be if Klay and Steph just go into full destruction mode and destroy the Nuggets. Without Draymond, the Nuggets can, at least, keep it reasonable so that the "Splash Brothers" will see minutes in the 4th quarter. I wouldn’t be opposed of stacking the two either since when one of the big 3 sits the other 2 have been known to score 45+ fantasy points. It also helps that the Nuggets are 23rd in against the shooting guard position.

 Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo (PG) - Rondo has just done a complete 180 since joining the Kings, and looks more and more like the Rondo from Boston. Everyone thought this might have been due to the dumpster-fire attitude of Rondo/Cousins’. However, it seems like everyone is on the same page - for now... Pelicans have given up the 2nd most game points to PGs, so far this year. Which, in Rondo case of not being the best shooter, it gives him more of an upside to produce buckets. Opposed to his previous games where he has gone for 6 points and 16 assists. This game is set to be a very high scoring game, as the O/U sits at 214.5. Rondo should have no problem finding his value tonight.

 Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams (PG) - I like MCW in his spot tonight against the must-do-everything, John Wall. He has been getting a lot of minutes recently that his backups are hurting and has been producing some big fantasy nights. Now the only thing that makes me hate every MIL player is, their coach! Some nights players will see just 20 minutes of play due to the rotation. They have been more effective, and you see this in ORL too. I don’t think this will be the case with MCW tonight as he should be playing a lot, in order to be defending John Wall, as that has been one of the Bucks strongest spots.




Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (SF) - Both of these teams are going to be playing a back-to-back, with Dallas’ game going into OT. Dallas being older than "Father Time", I would expect them to be winded tonight and OKC to just walk all over them. Durantula has been doing his consistent stats the past few games, an averaging about 40 fantasy points - so here is where we could see 50+ bomb from him. His matchup isn’t that appealing, but with players like him, I don’t consider Parsons a player who could actually defend Kevin Durant. I expect to see Durant tonight having his way with Dallas.

 Shabazz Muhammad

Shabazz Muhammad (SF) - If you were an NBA DFS player last year this name should look pretty familiar. He has been really quiet this year as Tayshaun Prince has been starting and the coach has given the minutes elsewhere. But the past few games it seems they have decided to use Shabazz again, where he has put up 26.3, 22, 26.4 in his last 3 games. At his cost and minutes, he has been getting, I would take a gamble on him tonight if you are looking for that low value. His only downside is if he comes out and starts missing he probably will be back in on the bench in no time. But he is currently hot and I am all aboard the Shabazz train.

 Paul Millsap

Paul Millsap (PF) - Hawks will be going against the Hornets which is suppose to be one of the close games of the night according to vegas. Hornets are without Big Al and been struggling with having a set big men with their rotation having Cody Zeller, Marvin Williams, Frank Kaminsky, and Spencer Hawes. Why do I put out their names? Because they are all very below average players who are about to have to deal with two big men like Horford and Millsap. With Big Al out for the Hornets they have been just struggling. This game is very appealing as far as other players go in Batum, Teague, and Walker also, so I will be having exposure to others.




Robin Lopez

Robin Lopez - It's brother vs brother tonight in a duel no one is probably going to watch since both teams suck. But the upside of it is how Brook and crew have let centers score all over them this year, giving up the most in-game points. It's hard to ignore this from a narrative standpoint and a stat view as Robin is in a good spot for his cost tonight. He dropped the ball last night when people were high on him, so I would imagine his ownership wouldn’t be too high tonight, or people will recognize the brother duel going tonight. Either way, I don’t suggest watching this game.

 Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe - So reports as of now have Gortat out and probably a couple other big men out meaning they literally have no big men. There is a player named Drew Gooden, who I honestly forget he is in the league still. I use to have his jersey when he was Cavalier many years ago and after his stint with the Bulls he disappeared I thought. But nope this guy 8 years later has been somehow able to get signed by teams. He hasn’t even aged it looks like. But back to why Monroe is because Nene and Drew Gooden will be filling these holes tonight and they both have no chance in even playing physical ball with Monroe. His price on Fanduel makes him appealing if you can fit him in and his consistency makes him a better cash play.


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