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NBA Player Breakdown 1/15/2016

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Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard (PG) $9,200 - So anyone who plays NBA2K16 knows that Damian Lillard 9 times out of 10 wins MVP your first year. He is a god on a crappy team in that game, and that's the reason why I am picking him tonight. The real reason is more that he is going up against the Brooklyn Nets who have been struggling with guarding the point the whole year. He will have a beautiful matchup with either Solan or Larkin, and neither of those players will be slowing him down. I expect to fully go into NBA2K16 MVP mode and carry the team.

James Harden

James Harden (SG) $9,800 - Harden also wins MVPs later on in my 2K16 as a Brooklyn Net in my game. Rockets will be squaring up against the winded Cavaliers, which could be a good game to watch tonight. I expect Harden to make it rain tonight on the Cavs, even though his matchup might be the best to have. He will start off with JR Smith who isn’t the worst or best defender, just average. But if Harden stays out when Shumpert comes in he could have some issues. It should be a good battle. As the shooting guard positon is very weak tonight I feel paying up for Harden and having some exposure to him wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially if he gets hot.

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas (PG) $8,600 - Isaiah never wins MVP, but I think he gets 6th man of the year here and there in 2K16. But that's not who he is anymore, as he has taken over for Smart when he was injured and ran the Boston offense. Smart, who is actually back to playing fully hasn’t really eaten at Isaiah’s usage too much, but down the road Isaiah could return to his 6th role. Tonight they have the Suns who are just god awful against point guards, as Brandon Knight is having to be the whole team now. Forgot to mention, this time last year he was a Sun, so if you want design off a narrative there is a nice revenge scenario.



Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis (PF) $10,400 - Anthony likes to get hurt a lot in games and it's really annoying. I could write how great his matchup is and how he should have no problem having a great night, but I am more concerned that “will the floor be wet and will he slip”?. The amount of times I have been screwed over by Anthony Davis is beyond belief and I don’t know how I convince myself to play him every time knowing he could get just a back contusion reaching for a ball. But tonight I will play and tonight he will get hurt and I will yell at myself for being so dumb. But if he somehow manages to play all 4 quarters then he should produce some numbers.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (SF) $10,000 - Durantula I don’t think every wins a MVP in 2K16, I really can’t remember seeing his face pop up. Tonight he has a matchup against the team he literally just played 3 nights ago. It should be like before where the game is pretty much in the Thunders control. Last 5 games the Wolves have been pretty bad against SFs, but those past 5 have included the Lebron and Durant. I think Durant is more of a cash play than anything tonight, but have exposure to him in tournaments wouldn’t be bad if Wolves make this a better game than last one and have Durant on the floor more.

Nicolas Batum

Nicolas Batum (SF) $7,100 - Other side of the ball from Anthony Davis will be Batum, who be guarded by a player who probably wouldn’t be in the league if he wasn’t on the Pelicans. Batum seems to have gotten back to 100% from being banged up for a couple weeks. He should be seeing the court along with Kemba for 35+ minutes tonight in a game that should be close. I would say Batum in a cash lineup would be great along with tournament as he just has upside everywhere as of now with his price.



Zaza Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia $6,800 - I hate him and the whole Mavs organization from Wednesday. They rest their other starters minus Zaza, then right before tip off they go “Oh you know what we don’t want Zaza out there” and boom rested. Couldn’t change him in time on DK due to it being locked already. But I will push aside the hatred for him tonight as he is getting the beaten up Chicago Bulls. With hopefully Pau and his terrible defense back tonight it could be set for a great time for Zaza downlow. His cost has really gone up and it is beginning to scare a little bit, but I think for his ability to put up 30+ points in his past 10 games make him always great to have.

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