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NBA Player Breakdown 1/20/16

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Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry (at CHI, DK - $10,400 FD - $11,000) Warriors are coming off a very close game with the Cavs, as they managed to only win 34 points. Hopefully, they can bounce back after the destruction of a game as they take on the Chicago Bulls in Chitown. Luckily Curry will be getting the broken man D-Rose tonight and should dismantle a team who have a poor defense against Point Guards (25th worst in past 5). The only thing that could be scary is Butler could try defending Curry if he gets hot. But we have learned Curry can make shots anywhere and go off no matter who is in his face unless it’s Christmas Day. He plays bad on Christmas day and I don’t know why. Remember that for next year.

John Wall

John Wall (vs MIA, DK - $9,500 FD - $10,200) John Wall is at home. That means John Wall will play ball. His stats this year at home aren’t like last year but still believe in his ability at home. Miami is one of the best defenders against the point guard, but with Dragic out they have been getting manhandled. No Dragic = Wall bangin’ party. His usage isn’t as high as before now with Beal returning, but they say Beals minutes are going to be restricted for upcoming weeks. Wall just dropped a 72 point fantasy point bomb recently, which he probably won’t repeat tonight, but he could still have a great night.

Louis Williams

Lou Williams (vs SAC, DK - $6,300 FD – $5,800) Lou must be regretting joining the lakers at this point besides the money. The 2015 6th man of the year is still managing though to put up numbers. He has been just consistent, which is a rare word to say when it comes to the Lakers. But tonight he will have a good matchup for him against the Kings, and could be the reason why the Lakers only lose by 10. I like Lou more cash tonight, but his ability to go off is there and he could show it tonight.



Kevin Love

Kevin Love (at BKN DK - $7,200 FD - $6,900) Well as I stated above with Curry he is coming off a very close game with the Warriors. Love though has been just playing like straight doo doo. I don’t know if he has been watching ESPN or listening to the all the criticism or something, but holy moly has he just sucked. But this is why I like him because he has a great matchup down in the paint against the god awful Nets and needs a bounce back game. His ownership should be low and this should be a game he can bounce back in. Now if you think he will continue to suck I would target the other side of the ball in Thaddeus Young.

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Notwitski (vs MIN DK - $6,700 FD - $7,100) It could be old man versus old man tonight with KG vs Dirk. I actually doubt KG plays, he tends to rest on B2Bs, but be a nice matchup to see once last time. It's not like the Timberwolves have sucked against the PF position this season, but I would think Dirk could continue playing like he has. Dirk as always is a great cash play; he has slowly been going up in price, but for right now I wouldn’t be against him. Always has the upside of having to carry the team when all the other old man can’t score.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (vs UTAH DK - $8,300 FD - $8,700) Carmelo actually has been a good play recently. I think that it’s rare since many people just think he is selfish and just non-stop shoots the ball. But he actually looks like he wants to do well once again and continues to have other stats that aren’t 30 FGAs. With Utah slowly coming back to healthy they will probably struggle with Knicks. Hopefully, Carmelo can go full Carmelo tonight as we still haven’t seen that 50-point bomb yet this year. DK I like him more mostly, but FD he is worth entertaining in tournaments.



DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins (at LAL DK- $10,600 FD - $10,700) I hope I am not the only one when I see Cousins name and say it like that the little kid does on the vine. If not please go watch it; it’s inspiring in all aspects. I don’t think I need to go into detail much with Cousins vs the Lakers. Hibbert sucks and they can’t rebound to save their life. Add one of the most dominant centers in the league and boom profit. Hibbert used to be a scary player to go against, but I think that died years ago when he got space jam’ed in the playoffs while playing for the Pacers. Cousins is a high favorite tonight and we could see a huge night out of him.


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