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NBA Team Breakdown 2/3/16

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Highest O/U: Golden State Warriors (-10) at Washington Wizards (224.5)

NBA Dail Fantasy Lineups GOL vs WAS

Not much of a surprise here as the Warriors/Wizards have both very high pace of play. Luckily this game is at home so vegas giving the Wizards a small bump, but in reality, I think -10 is low. Wizards are still dragging around all their injured bodies to each game. Golden State, on the other hand, is still the best thing we might see for a long time. Hope Washington can keep to this close till the 4th quarter so the Big 3 see the court. Play wise I would say Curry is a for sure the best play out of everyone here then followed by Klay. Wall has been very lackluster on defense lately causing the Wizards to fall to 27th in defending point guards the last 5. It's a big game in the Wizard's eyes, so I could see Wall putting in more of an effort, but it’s Curry and no one stops the rainmaker. On the Wizards side, I would look more at Gortat before anyone else. Warriors have been playing pretty solid defense against centers recently, but Gortat should match up decently with Bogut and be able to produce a solid line. Now, Wall is tough - I have stated before his shooting has been god awful lately and it's hard to put trust in someone like that. So I would say if anything you can have small tournament exposure to him, but just don’t look at this spread and think he has to have a big game. List of other guys I like and in no particular order for GPPs: Beal, Barnes, Green, and Temple.


Lowest O/U: Denver Nuggets at Utah Jazz (-7) (195) 

NBA Dail Fantasy Lineups DEN vs UTA

As of now this is the lowest, but Miami vs Dallas could be around this ballpark, but they are waiting on injuries. This game actually doesn’t seem too bad, but Utah is the slowest team in the league and I don’t see that changing with Denver. But isn’t chasing me away completely from players in this game. Derrick Favors has been slowly sneaking back into the world after his mattress back problem (No that isn’t a joke) and being have some pretty solid nights with no setbacks yet. Denver has been just struggling all year long down in the paint and Utah has 2 big boys in Gobert and Favors who will make it tough for them tonight. I am more leaning towards Favors as the guy to take since his ownership should be decently low and already back to playing big minutes. None of the big men on Denver side look pleasing here. I expect Nikola Jokic train to continue for some, but I am not boarding that train and I hope it burns and crashes with no survivors. The battle at small forward could be interesting with Hayward v Gallinari, both good cash plays and okay GPP plays. I wouldn’t be too high with players here as I do think this game is going to be as low as it's implied by vegas. Which makes taking more than a player or two from one team risky. Other people, I didn’t mention who could be worth a punt: Hood, Mudiay, and Faried.



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