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NBA Player Breakdown 2/24/2016

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Point Guard

Mike Conley

Mike Conley - (vs LAL, FD - $6,700, DK - $6,900) - Well this game is terrible; but with Marc Gasol out, it has made players on Memphis go up in usage. Mike Conley has been one of the guys to benefit from this. Last game he struggled, which is a good thing meaning it could turn people off him. But before that, he was averaging 35.9 FanDuel points over 3 games; which was all against terrible defending teams. And low and behold this is a team that can’t defend the point guard! His price is a bit high for what he was in the past, but with how he is having to play now paying for him is just worth it.


Shooting Guard

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins (@TOR, FD - $6,600, DK - $6,300) - To start off I like Wiggins more because of the narrative. Why? He is from Canada, and he is going to have that little home support he has when he is playing for the Canadian team. His match-up isn’t the best match-up, but he should do alright against Derozan/Johnson who will end up struggling to guard him. I support Wiggins only as a tournament play due to his mostly one-dimensional self, but this is a game where he mentally will be wanting to put on a show for his home country. If you don’t like narratives then his teammate, KAT, would be just as good of a play tonight.


Small Forward

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (@DAL, FD - $10,200, DK - $9,800) - Durant… I mean I feel an old MVP doesn’t need a reason why to be played, even though he’s costly, he’s needed. For some reason Vegas believes this is going to be close, which it could be as Dallas is at home and the Thunder are on the road. But this is a bounce back for the Thunder after getting just straight trashed by the Cavaliers. They want to redeem themselves and who better than the Mavs. It’s no surprise to people that the ball runs through Westbrook or Durant with pretty much no one else, but in games that should be close this is good. One of the Thunder buddies will be putting up a huge stat line, which one is not for sure as both matchup well, but I would rather have Durant if I had to choose.


Power Forward

Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis (@ IND, FD - $6,300, DK - $6,700) - Porizgod. I want to just end it there. But with how inconsistent he is (which is normal for a rookie) I feel I have to explain why. Well Indiana has their new rookie god in Turner emerging currently, but this isn’t fixing the problem they have completely down low. Indiana just can’t defend the paint at all. Unless you want to count the 10+ blocks Turner and Mahinmi can get as defense it still doesn’t take in full of their ability to rebound. I don’t know if that's just a coach thing or what, but they still struggle in the paint. Now I think with Porzigod’s poor performance over the past 2 games, it should keep the public away from him. So this makes Porizgod a great tournament play to consider as he can go off as we have seen and not act like a typical rookie. DraftKings he isn’t very likeable, but FanDuel he stands out at his cost as a good play if you want avoid the Zach Randolph train that will happen.



Marcin Gortat

Marcin Gortat - (@CHI, FD - $7,100, DK - $6,800) - I already stated that I think KAT is great, but I want to point out one other player in this position to think about. Stats and any defense vs position stat can tell you that Gasol cannot defend any opposing center worth a crap. I mean I literally target any dominate average usage center against him, because he just can’t do it anymore. Well here is a guy coming off a nice game on a home to away back to back who can produce a solid performance. I think center is one of the tougher positions tonight as you are looking at Drummond with a great matchup and DeAndre too. So having to go against the public ideal should be a key thought when creating your lineup and having some Gortat won’t hurt you. Only thing that can screw Gortat is himself tonight.

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