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NBA Player Breakdown 3/2/2016

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Point Guard

Chris Paul

Chris Paul (v OKC, FD -$10,200, DK - $9,800) – The Clippers are taking on the Thunder tonight in a game that should be good for both sides in terms of fantasy. The Clippers are still without Blake which has clearly made DeAndre and Paul pick up their game. Chris Paul recently just joined the 10k club on FanDuel, which makes him a bit more risky to pay up for as he has to score in the 50s to make him worth it. Westbrook isn’t the greatest of defenders, so Paul won’t struggle too much. He has yet to score under 40 points in the last 8 games, which makes him a bit more comfortable to use in cash. This game is due for a lot of points tonight also; so with an implied total of 111 for the Clippers, someone is going to have to be scoring. JJ Redick also would be a good play as the Thunders can’t defend the wing. Westbrook/Durant are also in good spots tonight as usual. CP3 is a good defender, but he seems to have lost a step in defending as he is having to do so much more.


Shooting Guard

Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins (v WAS, FD - $6,400, DK - $6,300) – So on paper you look at this game and think the Wizards have this won, but in the Vegas world the Wizards are only favored -3. So this means Vegas believes the game will be close and high scoring with a 220.5 O/U. Which makes this another juicy game for fantasy as the Wolves players are very cheap minus KAT. Now Wiggins in ways is just a 1 dimensional player who doesn’t really fill in the stat line in other places. He will have his 5 boards/5 assist here and there, but he is averaging just 1.9 assist and 3.6 rebounds a game. In this game I can see him scoring up to 30 actual points. With those extra stats plus at his cost pretty mid-tier currently he makes for a great tournament option. Other guys on the Wolves would be Zach Lavine, Ricky Rubio and Gorgui Dieng( If he plays). Good game all around to target on both sides.


Small Forward

Paul George

Paul George (v MIL, FD - $8,700, DK - $8,600) – Now this game isn’t supposed to be as high scoring as others, but it’s going to be close. The Bucks aren’t a bad defensive team in anyway, but they aren’t the best at SF/C position right now. So with Paul George being the explosive player he is this makes him very playable, but I would say tonight just as a tournament play. His problem is when he sucks he sucks badly, as we saw he only dropped 19.8 points against the Blazers. Before that he had some multiple 40+ games, but he sometimes will just end with something 30s which isn’t worth his value at all. So I would steer clear of the cash with him, but he is a go for any tournament format.


Power Forward

Aaron Gordon

Aaron Gordon (v CHI, FD - $6,500, DK - $6,900) – AG is still sitting at a comfortable price currently and worth looking at it as he is going against the frontcourt joke in Chicago. Up until last night he had put up 30+ points in 9 games straight. So I think he is a great cash play still, more so on FD than DK, but he isn’t bad to also have as a tournament play tonight as I stated earlier due to how bad the Chicago front court is. Especially with Gibson mostly out tonight, it means Bobby Portis is going to see a lot of the court who would struggle with Gordon. His other partner in crime in the front court would be Voochie who also is a great play tonight and worth looking into.



Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard (v NO, FD - $8,100, DK - $7,600) – This team really should have won the Drama movie of the year at the Oscars this week. But hey, maybe they are going to push it under the bed until summer then it will all blow up again. No one knows who the actual problem on this team is anymore; finger has been pointed everywhere to the point where everyone is the bad guy. But tonight maybe they can work as one and beat the hell out of Pelicans. With AD questionable as of now and the center position being just a complete joke for the Pelicans it makes Howard able to do whatever he wants in the paint. I’d rather go heavy on him more so as a tournament on FanDuel, but on DK he is playable in both formats.

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