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NBA Player Breakdown 1/20/17

As NBA is a game where last minute real life changes are made before tipoff, always monitor breaking news up to last second


Point Guard


Cash Plays:  Jeff Teague, Mike Conley,  Jrue Holiday

GPP Plays:  George Hill, Deron Williams


Game Theory: There are too many good point guards playing tonight so we need to save here and spend at other positions. Jeff Teague has been on fire recently and he's playing the LAKERS. That's all that needs to be said. Mike Conley's game has been on the rise ever since he got back in December. We need to take advantage of him while he still only costs $7,700. We'll should have a good performance from him tonight. Holiday is playing against Brooklyn so he should put on a performance as well. If you want to save more in the salary, I would go with George Hill. I think he will hit more than value tonight and only costs $6,100 on Fanduel.

  • Fades: Stephen Curry- too expensive and Patrick Beverly who is guarding him is a very good defender, hence the only reason he's on the court


Shooting Guard


Cash Plays:  James Harden, Dwayne Wade

GPP Plays: Lou Williams, Tyreke Evans


Game Theory: The Houston and Golden State game will be very high scoring. Vegas says over under 239 ½. And if you don’t have Harden in every one of your lineups, cash play or GPP, then save your money and don’t play. He is going to put on a show tonight. Dwayne wade is very cheap on Fanduel right now. He will hit value plus more while playing against Atlanta. Lou Williams is a streaker. He'll go on a streak for a few days and then slow back down. He's had a couple good games in a row so lets ride him while he's hot.


Small Forward


Cash Plays:  Kevin Durant, Paul George, 

GPP Plays:  Maurice Harkless, Kent Bazemore


Game Theory: Like I said earlier, Golden State game will be very high scoring, so if you can, find a way to fit Durant in there. Durant is a player we need in all formats tonight. Paul George also has a good matchup against the Lakers so he should perform as well. If you need cheaper players who have the potential to go off, I would go with Harkless or Bazemore.  


  • Fades: Jimmy Butler


Power Forward


Cash Plays: Draymond Green, Jabari Parker

GPP Plays:  Derrick Favors, Thaddeus Young,


Game Theory:  Houston doesn’t really have any big guys down low so Green should rack up the points tonight. Jabari Parker is always a safe pick especially tonight that he's playing Orlando. Derrick Favors is bound to go off one of these nights. I think tonight may be the night against a weak defensive team. Sorry Mark Cuban. Also, Thaddeus should hit value if you're looking for a cheap play.


  • Anthony Davis- his price is way too high they need to cut it.




Cash Plays:  Myles Turner, Rudy Gobert

GPP Plays:  Myles Turner, Rudy Gobert


Game Theory:  Myles Turner is playing the Lakers so he should have a stat filler tonight. Also Rudy Gobert has had some good games recently and tonight should be no different. Whether you are playing Cash games or GPP, I advise you to take Myles Turner or Rudy Gobert to save salary for the more important postions tonight.


  • Fade: DeMarcus Cousins



PUNTS or Injury boosts:



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