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NBA Player Breakdown 1/21/17

As NBA is a game where last minute real life changes are made before tipoff, always monitor breaking news up to last second


Point Guard


Cash Plays:  Eric Bledsoe, Kyrie Irving

GPP Plays: Derrick Rose, Dennis Schroder


Game Theory: Eric Bledsoe needs to be owned in all formats tonight. He is playing in a high paced game in the middle of Manhattan. Grab some popcorn for this one. Kevin Love is most likely out again tonight. That means Kyrie and Lebron will be doing a lot of work on offense. Derrick Rose for $6,600 almost feels like a robbery. He's been playing well recently so I would call him a bargain player tonight. I would also recommend taking Dennis Schroder tonight if you really need to save a few hundred in the salary cap. He's $6,300 and has a favorable matchup in a city with a lot of energy thanks to the Falcons.

  • Fades: N/A


Shooting Guard


Cash Plays/GPP Plays:  Nicolas Batum, Devin Booker, Will Barton


Game Theory: So there are only three really good options at this position tonight without spending the bankroll. Nicolas Batum is a very well-rounded player. He fills up that stat sheet in all aspects of the game. Against Brooklyn, I wouldn't fade him. Devin Booker will be playing in a high paced game which is something he happens to be good at. I'm predicting at minimum of 17 shot attempts from him tonight. Another SG I am very interested in tonight is good ole Willy Bee. Gary Harris is out once again which means more minutes for this man. Hoorah!

  • Fades: James Harden, Giannis Antetc... why? Because these guys don't have a favorable matchup for their price and they haven't had a day rest like the other guards have.


Small Forward


Cash Plays:  Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George 

GPP Plays:  Michael Kidd-Gilchrist


Game Theory: Love is most likely out, so what are you going to do? Not take Lebron? Please, save yourself the money if that's your move. Carmelo playing at home in a fast paced game, just let that soak in for a second. Paul George is due for a big game. Last time Paul George faced the Jazz, he put up 48 game points, granite there was overtime, but still. My favorite GPP play of the day, Kidd-Gilchrist, has a pretty matchup against the Nets. If you need to save some salary to fit the other positions in, take him!


  • Fades: N/A


Power Forward


Cash Plays: Kristaps Porzingis, Paul Millsap, Jabari Parker

GPP Plays:  Derrick Favors


Game Theory:  Porzingis had the day off yesterday to rest the achilles so he should be able to see normal minutes especially with Joakim Noah sidelined. Expect to see big stats from him tonight. Like I mentioned earlier, there is some sort of crazy vibe going on in Atlanta right now due to the Falcons game tomorrow. The crowd and the matchup that Millsap has should be enough for him to go off. Jabari Parker is another guy I like tonight. Second day in a row that I'm suggesting Jabari? That's right. He's a very consistent player and should have another nice game tonight. Now the GPP player I chose for this position is Mr. Favors. Like i mentioned yesterday, he is bound to go off one of these night and since last night wasn't the one, tonight may very well be. He has a very good matchup against the Pacers so I would turn to him if you needed to spend less at this position.


  • Fades: N/A




Cash Plays/GPP Plays:  Brook Lopez, Tyson Chandler


Game Theory:  Brook Lopez is matched up against an awful team down low. He should have a lot of boards to go with his buckets. He will have a nice game for himself. I also like Tyson Chandler a lot. He is playing his old team he played for during the 2011-2014 seasons. And of course he wants to show off for his old team at Madison Square Garden.


  • Fade: N/A



PUNTS or Injury boosts: N/A


Article by: Shervin Bahraini 

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Oscar Armint

January 21, 2017

wow, this article is really accurate. kinda like this new writer!

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