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Introducing Mr. Fantasy Guru

First, I would like to thank you for clicking the link that brought you here. Congrats! You are that much closer to drastically changing your life...financially (I can't help you in the romance department, sorry). I, Mr. Fantasy Guru, am here to offer information, guidance, assistance, input, and comedy to enlighten  you on your path to success. I'll be posting a few times a week for now, recapping the previous day's lineups that were sent out from our membership program.

Now before the recap blogs start rolling in, there are a few things I need to get out of the way. There is what I like to call a “due process” in how all of this works. The guys at AC Karma Sports have devised an algorithm. What's an algorithm you ask? It's a mathematical formula to figure out something. An example is Einstein's E=MC² which was an algorithm for determining the speed of light. These guys (AC Karma Sports) created an algorithm that doesn't calculate the speed of light, but instead, spits out daily fantasy sports lineups that WILL win you cash. Are you going to become a millionaire overnight? No. Are you going to win money with EVERY single lineup they send you? No. Are you going to keep reading this post? Yes.

There are currently 4 levels of membership. It's $5 if you want to see how things work and get one single lineup for one day only. Want more than one lineup and want them EVERY day (or week for NFL fantasy)? You're going to need to upgrade to the Silver status at a measly $29.99/month. There are currently two more levels called Gold ($54.99) and Diamond ($99.99). Each level increase gets you more and more lineups. They give you lineups for both FanDuel and DraftKings. Sometimes these guys are in a giving mood and crank out free additional lineups that they'll send you as well on any given day. You might be thinking, “Wowzers that's a lot of money to spend for lineups!”. If you utilize the lineups correctly, you can easily get that back in ONE day. Then you have 30ish other days left in the month to make a profit. Think I'm talking crazy. Look at this. I just joined the ACKS team yesterday and I received their Diamond level lineups. I chose to play only 4 of the 10 FanDuel lineups they gave me because I was in a time constraint. I plugged in the 4 lineups that were projected to get the most points of the 10. I entered each one into both a $2 GPP and a $2 100 man league. I'll do the math for you, I spent $16. How much did I make from those 4? $37. Well that easily covers the Silver status right there. If I entered them in more expensive tournaments, I would've made enough to cover the other subscription costs.

Like I said before, not every lineup is going to make you money. How do you know which ones to use? You don't. Play them all. If you have $100 in your FanDuel account and we give you 10 lineups (Diamond membership), then don't play $25 tournaments. Play to the level of your bankroll. If you only deposited $100, and you paid for 10 lineups each day. Then aim for the $1-$2 events. Once you start cashing here and there and building your bankroll, you'll be able to play in those higher tournaments that pay higher winnings. Also, throughout the next handful of blogs I'll be going into more depth on what event (GPP, H2H, League) to use a certain lineup in as well as touching more on bankroll management. For now, I'll leave you with one of the lineups that every subscriber got last night. I turned $2 into $15.45. That might not seem like a lot. Look at it this way: That's 7.725x the entry fee. If I played in a $25 GPP, I would've won $193. A $100 GPP, $772. You catch my drift?




Feel free to keep up to date on all things Mr. Fantasy Guru!


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