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How to play your lineups effectively

This post is to further your knowledge on how to play the lineups you get with your membership. With last night's FanDuel lineups (all 10 of them with “Diamond” membership), I tried a different approach for you, my peeps. As I said with Wednesday night's lineups, I entered 4 of the 10 in both the $2 GPP and a $2 100 team league, turning $16 into $37. For Thursday night, I went a little crazy and entered all 10 Diamond lineups into the big $2 double up AND into the $2 “safety” GPP. Besides their usual $2 GPP, FanDuel hosted a $2 safety GPP. The normal payout for GPP is roughly top 20%. Safety GPPs pay out top 40%. It's almost identical to the 50% payout of a double up. However, it also gives you a shot at a much higher prize. Last night's $2 safety GPP paid out top 40% and had a top prize of $700. The only downfall of this type of tournament is that if you finish in the bottom 1800 places of the top 40%, you make LESS money than you would if you entered a $2 double up (places 501-1000 = $3, 1001-2340 = $2.50. $2 DU = $4). In conclusion, I like having a safety blanket (pun intended) when shooting for the top prizes, but you definitely don't want to be putting all of your lineups in these kind of tournaments. Out of the 6 lineups that cracked the top 40% in the safety, 5 of them made less than a double up payout. Due to that fact, I'm personally staying away from these safeties for now.

With 10 lineups in each the $2 safety and the big $2 double up, I turned $40 into $48. Good news is I made a profit (always good news no matter how you spin it). Bad news is, I would've made slightly more if I just entered those 5 sub-double-up payout lineups into the big double up twice.

Speaking of lineups, let's take a look at what went right and what went wrong. The top FanDuel lineup of the night generated a respectable 56.75 points. That lineup was only sent to Diamond members (if you were wondering why you didn't get those points). So that lineup is what went right. What went wrong was Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals. Why you ask? Because his throwing error in the first inning is the main reason why the Pirates scored 7 runs in the first inning, forcing Lynn to be pulled after only recording two outs in the game. Luckily for the error, only 3 runs were charged to him when he was pulled out of the game. If you don't actually follow the games after entering lineups, you may be infuriated that the starting pitcher on both of the Silver member lineups and half of the Gold member lineups finished with a horrid -1.34 pts on FanDuel. Errors are a part of baseball, and now you know who to blame if you didn't cash at all last night. (Hint: Matt Carpenter). Crazy thing is that one of the lineups with Lynn actually did cash for me. I cashed in both the double up and the safety with my pitcher netting -1.34 points. Also, Aybar was in a few lineups last night and was scratched last minute after initially being in the starting lineup. By last minute, I mean LAST MINUTE. By the time the ACKS guys opened their email to type an alert, rosters had already locked.

This brings me to my last note. Whether you play on FanDuel or DraftKings, there is a must have app you need to download. It's called “Rotogrinders Lineups” or “RG Lineups”. It may only be for Apple products at the moment. I'm not too sure. Download this app and make sure that your notifications for this app are ON. Every time a MLB posts their official lineup for the day, you get a notification alert for EACH team. Also, and most importantly, in Aybar's case, as soon as someone who was suppose to be playing is scratched for any reason, you get a notification alert. You're welcome.



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