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Hello fellow Karma Kashers!

Hello fellow Karma Kashers! It's been a while. Hope everyone has been playing the lineups to their advantage. In other words, that you are playing to your bankroll and such. We are vigorously working towards the NFL season as well as enhancing your MLB fantasy experience at the same time. Our NFL prices and packages will be available shortly.


I usually post our best lineup of the previous day, but since it's been a while, I wanted to do something special. Below you will see a lineup that was put on DraftKings' $2.5 Million GPP a few days ago. This was the winning lineup that took down the $1 million prize. CheeseIsGood is a very reputable fantasy sports blogger. I am showing you this for 3 reasons:


  • This is the ONLY lineup he put in the tournament. Others put hundreds in. He put one. One single study focused lineup turned into a million bucks.


  • Notice the ownership percentages. I've stressed this before. The lower owned a player is the more likely you are to have a unique lineup. If you want that top spot, you HAVE to separate yourself from the thousands and thousands of other entries. Even if one of our lineups score more points than anyone else, you'll still be in a multi-way tie with the rest of the AC Karma Sports community, thus splitting the cash prize (which I'm definitely fine with). If there is someone in one of our lineups you are iffy about and you know of someone with a similar salary that you'd prefer, swap them. You just created a lineup that possibly no one else had. Just make sure it doesn't bite you in the butt and take away points you could have made. Last week, one person from our Karma Kommunity (see what I did there) looked at all of our lineups and merged them into one, Frankenstein style. He saw who was being listed more than others and put bits and pieces of each into one fitting lineup. He wound up cashing heavily that night.


  • If seeing someone win a $1 million prize doesn't motivate you. Nothing will. If you've been buying the single daily lineup ($5) here and there and are on the fence about going all in on one of our packages, this should do the trick. There is a ton of money to be won on these sites. These lineups we give you definitely help. As said above, we don't force you to play our EXACT lineups we send. Frankenstein your own and who knows, you may be the first Karma Kasher to take home a million dollars. ($2 million if you are playing in DraftKings' $10 million GPP for NFL Week 1.


I want to finish this post by letting you know that we don't force you to ONLY play on FanDuel and DraftKings. Those are the powerhouses of the DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) world so we cater our lineups to them. There are a ton of other sites out there that our lineups can still help you win money on. The player salary will most likely be different, but you can still Frankenstein your own based on who is more prevalent in that day's lineups. If you are having trouble making a lineup on another site using our lineups because pricing is so different, join me on DraftPot. Go to www.DraftPot.net and try playing fantasy baseball and fantasy football without salary caps. That's right. They have DFS for tons of sports without the salary cap. They call it “Fan Mode”. You'll find me, MrFantasyGuru, in a ton of their contests every day.


Ps. Make sure to share your winning lineups on Twitter/Instagram and tag @ACKarmaSports as well so we can see it!


Feel free to keep up to date on all things Mr. Fantasy Guru!


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