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An Introduction to the World of Daily Fantasy Sports

 Author - Billy "The Kid" Gump

              Let us here at AC Karma Sports welcome you to the crazy world of DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports). If you couldn’t already tell this industry is becoming HUGE! There are millions of people who play this game, and I will be honest it is very overwhelming at first. Most of you are probably like I was, an avid sports fan, follow all the major sports, and love watching them and playing season long fantasy. I had a lot of success playing season long fantasy in every sport and it made each week more exciting as you know. Well after finally being beat down by the abundant amount of FanDuel and DraftKings commercials and saying how easy it was to win a million dollars and how if I was smarter than the average fan I could win every week. Well as you know, most of us (whether it’s true or not) believe that we are smarter than ever other fan out there so that’s easy money. They advertise tournaments in which if I finish better than half of the field I double my money, well that’s a no brainer right? But then you go to their website and you start to see tons of tournaments and options to play and your left feeling like you just stepped into the future of fantasy sports and you don’t know which end is up or down. So you wait to enter, you try to research on your own and you know your sports so it should be easy to figure out. Until you start researching DFS sites and you are not in Kansas anymore. Terms start being thrown around such as DFS, fade, stream, standard deviation, contrarian, and % owned. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so it’s can become overwhelming especially when you are used to having your draft two weeks before the season starts and then riding those guys to the end. Concentrating only on Injuries, waiver clams and possibly a few trades. Now you have this new lingo to try to understand, a draft every day, salary caps to manage, bankrolls to manage, tournament selection etc.… But it’s not as scary as it looks! I can tell you that while I do still play in my fantasy leagues with my friends like most of us do, Daily Fantasy blows it out of the water! Your season long leagues can be fun, but there is nothing nearly as exciting as every night that there is a baseball games, you can play a few lineups for as little as $5 bucks and on a Tues. night end up making anywhere from $5-$25k. Or on Sundays playing a few football lineups and when your seasonal fantasy team is struggling you still have a chance to turn that $10 you put in FanDuel/DraftKings into $100,000 by the end of the night. Like I said though, DFS is a different animal. It’s not just for Sports fans, or fantasy guys, anyone and everyone is playing it. Regardless if it’s your love of the sports, you enjoy the rush, you just want to win money, there is something for everyone in the DFS community and that’s what we are here for. We learned the hard way that just because you know sports doesn’t mean you will win. DFS is played differently. We have a great team and work very hard all the time to continue to gain an edge on the competition and to keep winning! So whether you already play DFS, you never have, (if you never have played, PLEASE click the “DraftKings” or “FanDuel” tabs on our website to sign up today) or if you are just interested in it, we are here to help you every step along the way. This article is step 1 in that process, we don’t want you to feel like you are lost or overwhelmed entering this crazy, beautiful world of DFS. There is a lot of money to be made every day, and we are here to help you do that. We are going to run through all the basics of playing to help you get more acclimated to the Daily world. Then you can move on to our other content, and keep coming back because we update our site frequently and are posting free advice and blogs all over the site that can help you win along with our membership packages. Our goal at Ac Karma Sports is for you to become part of our winning team, help you win, build a bankroll and keep you informed with stats and information that will keep you ahead of the rest of the field. So let’s get started….

                We are going to use football from here on out as our base since we are in the heart of the season. You know the NFL? That’s awesome! Does it mean you will win? Absolutely not. Yes you can go in with zero knowledge of DFS and set a lineup base off of football knowledge and win for sure, but it will not happen often and take it from some guys who have already been down that road and be opened minded about the vase amount of information that most guys playing on the sites use. If it was just knowing football many more people would be consistent. For example, how many times have you been playing in a season long league, you have a great lineup and you are playing some guy/girl who has a bunch of bums on their team but the cards fall right and you lose to a team that is terrible? Case in point, nothing is guaranteed and DFS is a one day event so you can’t let you ego control your lineup, you need to be informed and select the best team for that particular day and you can win big. For example, Tom Brady playing against the Jaguars, well you want to play him because is Jacksonville and it is Tom Brady so you think he is going to tear it up.  Guess what, so does 80% of everyone else playing and that’s where people go wrong. The key is to know and understand the entire playing field.   Find the guys other players do not have or aren’t the most popular picks (please click our NFL % owned tool here to access this information) but will have a good week because if you pick a guy everyone wants to play you will not beat anyone in a tournament, but we will get back to this.  It’s essentially a stock market….you must find value in stocks, or ‘players’ that others do not see enough value in for that particular week.

                Bankroll Management

  • In the Beginning, you need to set out with a plan. Decide what you want from DFS, whether you want to play every day, each week, play $5 a day or play $100 a week, whatever the case may be. You ABSOLUTELY need to start with a plan so you can be efficient and get the most ROI (Return on Investment). The number one key to success is bankroll management. You shouldn’t ever be betting more than 20% of your bankroll. You should at least have a good idea of your plan so you know what to focus on and you will make more money that way. One of the major things people who are just starting do not understand is the different sites and tournament styles. We recommend you play on one of 2 sites or both. We are partnered with both FanDuel and DraftKings and have a great relationship with both of them. 


What are the differences between FanDuel and DraftKings?


  • The main difference in the sight is the layout. Same general concept but DraftKings and FanDuel have different roster layouts. The players will be priced slightly different on both sites. DraftKings lineups for football include $50,000 salary for your team and 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, FLEX (RB, WR, TE), and Defense/Special Teams. While Fan Duel gives you $60,000 and your roster includes 1QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1TE, 1K, and Defense/Special Teams. The point systems are fairly close for both sites, the biggest difference in points per sight is DraftKings gives you 1 point per reception while Fan Duel gives you 0.5 points, also DraftKings gives you bonuses for over 300yrds passing and 100 yds, rushing and receiving. So your total scores will be a little higher on DraftKings but other than that no major differences in the sites. It’s just a matter of preference but we play both and most people enjoy both sites. The bigger confusion generally comes from deciding which tournaments to enter, which believe it or not is the MOST IMPORTANT factor to winning money. You can have a good lineup in the wrong tournament and win nothing, you put that same lineup in the right tournament and it could be $500. The main thing you will hear when it comes to tournaments it the GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) and Cash Games (50/50, multipliers, head to head). I will go over all of these so you know what you are looking at and working with. It’s easy to want to throw all your money into the “Millionaire Maker” tournaments and shoot for a million dollars but you want to be smart with your investment. Notice I used the word “investment” because that is how you should look at this. Nothing is guaranteed and you won’t win every night but if you break it down as an investment and look at it at the end of each month you will be able to grow your bankroll and continue to make money. Not to steer you away from the Millionaire maker because let’s be honest, we all want to win $1 million. While we wait for that though we also want to win consistently and build our bankroll



GPP (tournament) vs. Cash games (50/50 and heads up)


  • GPP tournaments are the ones that you see advertised the most. “Turn $20 into $1 Million in one week” which is true, but they are risky. Look at it like this, the GPP are a high risk, high reward tourney. They range anywhere from $1-$25 dollar entries on both sites. These offer the largest payouts by far. You can win $1 million for a weekend or finish in 10th and still win $10,000 which is great right?! Of course! But that kind of reward comes at a high risk. There are a lot of entries in those and generally they pay out the top 10-15% of players. (Stay tuned to our website for upcoming articles on good tournament selection and which ones are paying out the highest % of player) Each tournament has a “cash line” which is the line of cut off between winning nothing and winning, our goal is to select the best tournaments that give us the best chance of being on the winning side of that line the most often. So no matter what your entry fee is, you can win good money in GPP tourneys and that’s where you can hit big jackpots. Just remember GPP, Higher risk but higher reward. On the other hand you have Cash Games. There is a little more to cash games because you have multiple options. Basically “Cash Games” include H2H (Head to Head), 50/50s and multipliers. They are not as complex as it looks. It’s pretty simple actually but most places aren’t going to break it down and walk you through it, they want you to learn the hard way, and most DFS players will not try to help you build your bankroll and play smart because they want to capitalize off new comers that are still a little wet behind the ears in the DFS world. That’s not how we do things, we believe in good Karma (see what I did there) and want to help people win. Most people are attracted to the HUGE grand prizes in the GPP but I am here to tell you that cash games are wonderful! Personally I like both but you stand a much higher chance to win regularly in Cash Games and build your bankroll and can still play the GPP on the side(stay tuned for bankroll management articles coming soon). While the wins may not be as “sexy” as the GPP you can continue to win money on a regular basis. So let’s look at all 3 options, Head to Head, is a simple as it sounds. You select an individual to play against, you both bet let’s say $10, winner gets $18 and loser gets nothing. If you want to do that you can see how you matchup with other competitors and you have a 50% chance of winning. The 50/50 (highly recommended by yours truly) not only do I love playing in these, I suggest everyone plays these regularly. Basically it’s a 50/50 chance at winning. Let’s say you enter a $25, 50/50 tournament, as long as you finish in the top half you win $50 bucks. Which might not seem like a big deal but if you enter a few of those on a regular basis you will dramatically grow your bankroll. Plus you will have a 50% chance of winning and it’s nice to see your lineups win and your money double. The last is a multiplier, almost the same concept. Let’s say that you put in $10 buck and you play a x3 multiplier all the winners win $30 bucks, or a x5 would be $50. There is not difference in placement, as long as you finish above the cash line you win, whether its 1st place or 20th. That’s a basic overview of the different types of tournaments, Cash Games aren’t as “sexy” but are huge when it comes to constantly winning and building your bankroll. Ultimately you will have to decide which you like best but it doesn’t hurt to try them all or play multiple options. Myself I enjoy playing heavy 50/50s and then a couple GPP’s each week, and a good Head to Head is always fun, whether you create one and invite a friend to play against or matchup with a stranger it can be a good time.


How does our website help you?

  • Our site sight is set up to help everyone from the Novice who knows nothing about DFS, or the person who would like to play but know nothing about football, to the average guy who loves fantasy sports and wants to finally convert over to the DFS world. Or even the “nerds who are obsessed with stats.”   That’s the hardcore number crunching guys who analyze everything and want every stat that other sites won’t be able to give to you (% owned forecast for each weekend). While we keep growing in order to help people, there are a few questions. First off we offer a lot of free information on our website that is growing every day and we will continue to add to the site to help out, but we also sell memberships that will allow you to receive lineups before each game that are set by our experts and have a very good ROI when used correctly. Some customers play our lineups as is. Some like to take our lineups and tweak them a bit and that is perfectly fine too. The main question is, why would we want to help you win? Well it’s simple. We have been there, suffered through some of the growing pains on the transition from Seasonal to Daily fantasy sports, and like I said we believe in good Karma and want to be one of the few companies out there that is willing take the time to help people like you. Our customer service is top notch and we are here to help in any way possible. Also the more you win the better you enjoy DFS, the more you tell your friends about it, the more we get to keep busting our ass to make one of the biggest DFS consulting services In the world and get to bring people to the top with us. We understand not everyone has 50hrs a week to put into fantasy sports like a lot of the guys out there playing do, but we love it and this allows us to help people that have a normal job and busy lives to be competitive with the guys who are out there on the grind all day every day. So we can take you from novice to expert and then one day when you hit big and win a million you will remember who had been there since day 1. In a world full of sharks we are the steel cage that lets the average guy compete and beat guys who invest their lives into this. I think this is a good start and at least gives you a nice overview on some basics of what you will see out there and where to go. Keep coming back as we are in the process of adding mass information to our site that will be able to help you win. We look forward to the future and hope you come along for the ride. And don’t forget to join the #moneyteam today!!!!

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