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DFS Ideal Game Selection Strategy

 DFS Ideal Game Selection Strategy

Game Selection is a very crucial portion to your success as a DFS player.  According to our data mining, just ‘knowing the players and selecting teams’ only account for about of 60% of your success rate.  Choosing the correct games & number of entries accounts for about 40% of your overall portfolio of success. 


Let’s break it down.  It’s almost like building a house or a ‘foundation.’  Without the building blocks the house will crumble as fast as a house of cards.  The same principal applies for properly selecting tournaments and how to dump your bankroll into to it according.  Let’s say you have $1,000 in your Draftkings or Fanduel accounts.


Lets examine further


Cash Games – 50% of your daily betting


Dear @ackarmasports – what do you suggest I play then?


  • H2H or “heads up” as well as 50/50’s are your building blocks. If you are playing with $1,000 on an NFL weekend you should have $500 invested into your ‘foundation’ or building blocks.  If your lineups are on point with the pros you can average a 10-18% return on a good weekend.
  • Keep in mind, making money in these ‘cash games’ aren’t sexy but are essential to keeping your bankroll in good standing order for the weekends where your GPP’s don’t perform well. Your win rate % is always greater in cash games vs the GPP. 


Dear @ackarmasports – Is it ok to play a GPP built team in a ‘cash game.’


  • I do at times. Especially when I have ‘hunches’ which is almost every single day / lineup J But I would focus on constructing a Cash Game’s only lineup first. 


Multipliers – 25% of your lineups


There are probably a few mainstream authors or services that might disagree with my breakdown.  Some will probably have your percentage weighted heavier in the 50/50 or heads up matches.  I am here to tell you stop with the madness, 50% is plenty.  Think about it like this.

  1. What happens when that one50/50 lineup scores a 276 on Draftkings and you come in first place but only receive an $18 dollar profit.
    1. Talk about a bittersweet feeling.
  2. Yes, the historical win % is higher, that’s a NERD fact. But are you the type of player willing to settle for a field goal to just “go to overtime” and hope for the best.  The reason you are reading is article is because you have the mentality to go for the touchdown.  You are now transcending out of the ‘newbie player status’ because you are a frequent visitor to our site where you can access all of our premium NERD stats.  You absolutely need exposure to have the opportunity to start growing your bankroll at a faster rate than sitting and waiting a lifetime playing just cash games only.
  3. You can and will have days where nothing goes right in the cash games or what all the experts deem as the ‘easiest way to grow your bankroll.’


Dear @acakarmasports – so where do I play / find these ‘multipliers’

  • You can find these in a different setting on both DraftKings and FanDuel. When you log into the lobby or home screen, instead of clicking on tournament you can click on ‘multiplier’
  • You then want to take a look at all the different options. I like to dump a few cash game teams into the “triple-ups” or “quintuple-ups.”  This gives unqiue variance to how my teams are dispersed.  On a good day you really can grow your bankroll here quickly.


Dear @ackarmasports – what is a triple-up? And a “quintuple up?”

  • For a triple up, you can earn 3x your buy in. For a quintuple up, you can earn 4x your buy in.
  • Be advised, however, as the margin for error is even smaller in these tournaments vs some of the larger GPP tournaments.


GPP – 25% of your game selection


Everyone’s Favorite.  When you see all of those annoying ads on tv luring you into the greatest hobby in the history of mankind, how could you not take the bait.  This is where dreams are made, history is written and futures are changed.  I am here to tell you first hand, that it is possible.  I have achieved this pinnacle and there is no better feeling.  Little did I realize how @ackarmasports would start ascending the way it has.  And I promise if you follow my methods for the long term, you can weather the storm and find the wave to the promise land.


Dear @ackarmasports – how do you hit the home run like you did above! What GPP’s do you suggest playing?


  • I always, always stress ‘maximizing your opportunity’ to at least some degree. One of our head NERD analyst doesn’t agree with me 100%.  I just firmly believe once in a while this is completely reasonable when you feel like ‘doubling-down’ so to speak. 
  • If you are still confused think of my exact example above. I played 2 entries and won an extra $10,000 just because I decided to double down.  I also had this same team in a $5 and a $2 dollar entry.  Crazier things have happened.  This could change your life if you hit on the right night and your future in the DFS industry. 




I will break it down like this.  Again if you are playing with $1,000 a weekend your portfolio should look something like:

  • 50% or $500 invested in H2H and 50/50’s.
    • I like to spread these out between the $5, $10 and $25 entries
  • 25% or $250 in multipliers
    • I like to spread this out in triple ups and quintuple ups
  • 25% or $250 in GPP (tourneys 100 plus players)
    • I sprinkle teams throughout the big payout tournaments and the smaller ones. I just look to find variance and check the rules per tournament as some tournaments have a better payout structure.

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