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GPP or Cash?

GPP or Cash? What is the difference? And how line-ups are broken down.


             We have received a lot of questions recently regarding the difference in GPP and Cash Lineups and Tournaments. We generally send out a majority of GPP lineups with a couple cash games mixed in there for the Gold and Diamond members. All of our lineups are designed to score high and win on any format. However we do select a particular order when we send them out. Our Line-up “Nerds” set our lineups each night, they create the 8 best possible lineups for each site every night. Then the package selection is done in order to make all our customer win. The ‘Nerds” select the two GPPs that they feel have the highest % chance of cashing in tournaments and send those to our Daily and Silver members, along with Gold and Diamond. Our goal is for all our customer to cash out! Then Gold gets the top 4, and Diamond gets all 8. Now you have seen post that said only Diamond members got a lineup that crushed it. That’s not because we send them our best, we send everyone the lineups that are going to do well. The last 4 that our diamond members get are also designed to do very well but have more risk involved. High Risk = High reward. We try to focus on everyone cashing out, but the Diamond members get more lineups so obviously they can take a little more risk.



                GPP lineups are designed for GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) tournaments, which are the ones with the large prize pools. First place is anywhere from $10k-$500k. These line-ups that we create for this have some risk involved because you need to construct a lineup that has a chance to score 300+ points. Now obviously if said line-up does well it would also fair very well in any Cash Game you put it in, however there is risk involved with GPP line-ups. We generally play our lineups in the $25, $10, and $5 entry GPPs each night.



          These games are a little different. “Cash Games” are anything as far as 50/50s, double ups, triple ups, small leagues, and Head to Head. The idea with Cash Games is you do not have to come in first. Your goal is to land over the cash line in whatever you enter. For example in a 50/50 out of 500 entries, 1st place and 189th place all pay out the same. Our “Line-up Nerds” select the Cash Game line-ups for our customers based on what they feel is the safest and best bet to cash out. The line-up may not have the potential to score 350 points but it is designed to be a safe play to put in any cash game. Whether it’s a 50/50, or a small league we love cash games as a way to build your bankroll. They are safer games to play. While you won’t win $15k in one night you will have a good chance to build your bankroll and win on a regular basis.


                All of our line-ups are designed to win! They can all be used in any contest that you want but that is a quick breakdown of what each means and why we recommend the ones that we do. Come back for more tips for the Pros, as we will be adding a lot of content as far as player information and more tips on tournaments and bankroll management.

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