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[WEEK 3] NFL Top Player Breakdown

WR Snap Count and Snap Percent



Blake Bortles - (FD - $7,900, DK - $6.500) - As the public's eye will mostly be on Tannehill at $500 dollars cheaper on FD, it might be better to look other places. With the dolphins most likely to blow out the Browns, it makes Tannehill a bit of a risk as far as getting the largest amount of points you want. If they are up 21-0 they aren’t going to continue throwing bombs to Landry, they will switch to running and letting Drake get a feel of the pros. With still no run game in Jacksonville and an above average receiving core, you are most likely to see the Bortles continue to throw 300+. People might be scared of the Ravens defense, but this is the same defense who just gave 20 unanswered points in a quarter to the browns till McCown got hurt. I think the numbers make Ravens look like a good/decent defense aren’t right, still, think they have a weak secondary which Bortles can thrive on. Vegas believes this game will close one which should make you feel more comfortable about Bortles airing it out the majority of the game.


Other Options: Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Tannehill, Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins


Running Back

Melvin Gordon - (FD - $7,100, DK - $5,800) - This is probably the most obvious play of the week. The man who couldn’t score 1 TD last year now has 3 already. Now he is in a backfield that just picked up 2 guys off the street. Most likely your best option as far as cash goes and even in tournaments go. And on top of it all, he has one of the worst rush defenses in the league. Literally just a combo of all good things. Now we all just have to kinda pray that he doesn’t come out and fumble then fumble again and Hillman comes into the game and gets 100+ yards. But that would make sense to happen.

Other Options: Frank Gore, Charles Sims, David Johnson, DeMarco Murray


Wide Receivers

Jarvis Landry - (FD - $7,000, DK - $6,600) - I know this kind of goes against what I said up top, but this is someone who is probably going to be one of the highest owned WRs for good reason.  If the game becomes a blowout like it should then hopefully Landry is the man who shines in it getting there. Browns secondary is just… no real appropriate word. With his cost, Landry getting 100 yards and TD is really what you are just looking for. Cash wise he is a guaranteed lock and will see very high ownership.


Other Options: Antonio Brown, Stefon Diggs, Allen Robinson, Odell Beckham Jr., Jordy Nelson, Allen Robinson


Tight End

Jordan Reed - (FD - $7,500, DK - $6,500) - Kirk Cousins is just a mess so far, but luckily his best receiver is in a good spot this week against a team who can’t stop down the middle passing. Reed has been kind of quiet so far this year, no big games yet like we saw last year out of him. But last year against the Giants he pulled in 95+ yards/6+ receptions in each game. This could be the game he gets 95+ yards again and hopefully a TD. For his cost this more so what you actually need from him, so if you believe Kirk is going to continue looking like a Browns QB then maybe you are better off looking at the cheaper options in Pitta or Ebron.


Other Options: Dennis Pitta, Jesse James, Delanie Walker, Antonio Gates



Cincinnati Bengals - (FD - $4,500, DK $2,800) - Alright the obvious here is Miami. But I feel I don’t need to explain that anymore. So wanted to bring up more a GPP option. Semien hasn’t looked bad, but he hasn’t looked good. I think this week he is in line to get honestly destroyed. Bengals rush defense has been pretty eh to start this year, but everyone knows they just need to stack the box to contain Anderson and make Semien throw. Which in this case they could do so with ease and cause a couple turnovers. I would say Seattle would be another option, but something about Chip Kelly makes me kind of hesitant to say they are going to get you 10+ points which you would want for their high cost. Yes, I know Chip Kelly was the joke of the NFL with the eagles, but they really haven’t looked as bad as I thought they would have.


Other Options: Miami, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Oakland

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